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Terms & Conditions

1): Termination:

Hosting which expires and doesn't renew within 7 days from its expiry date will be terminated completely . Deleted data can't be restorable in this case and either through mail or call client will be informed . ViberHosting will not be responsible if client doesn't able to check mail or recieve call regarding renewal.

The following content is prohibited on our servers (No Refund Possible If We Found Following Content In Website)

Last Update On 18-January-2023

1): Don't Provide Free Hosting (For Reseller)
2): High Traffic News Website Not Allowed
3): Spam/Threats Website
4): Phishing Website
5): Email Marketing
6): IRC Scripts/Bots
7): Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers
8): Pirated Software/Warez
9): Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic)
10): Large collection of MP3 files and/or DVD/CD ISO Image Files
11): Prime Banks Programs
12): Lottery Sites / PTC/HYIP Scripts
13): Forums and/or websites that distribute warez/pirated/illegal content
14): Fraudulent Sites (Including, but not limited to sites listed at aa419.org & escrow-fraud.com)
15): Adult Site (Porn Sites)
16): Push button mail scripts
17): Bitcoin Mining
18): Hacker focused sites/archives/programs
19): .tk, .ml, .cf, .ga domain hosting not allowed if someone found, we will termiante service without any prior notice
20): Commercial Audio Streaming (more than one or two streams)
All shared hosting plans are for web hosting purpose. we not allow hosting of download files like mp3, wallpaper download site, movies downloading/streaming site or bot site under our hosting. All such sites will be Suspend by our server team without any prior notice

2): Fund or Credit Balance:

1. No Refund after fund added to ViberHosting wallet (Credit Balance).

2. Fund provided into ViberHosting wallet is non refundable.

3. From 23-September-2022, if you buy hosting from the credit balance and later ask for a refund, then you will get a refund into credit balance not in the main account like Jazzcash / Easypaisa or any supported payment gateway. Please read these terms and conditions before adding funds to the credit balance. Even after this, if any customer asks for a refund, then it will be considered against our terms. Updated on 23-September-2022

3): Domains Registration

Customer can not buy any domain in which trademark name of other company/name/etc is registered...

Once the domain is registered it can't be canceled or refunded.

It is a responsibility of the client to verify the domain registration is successful or not, rarely under unfortunate circumstances, domain registration may not happen due to software error or network error or any other unknown technical reasons. If there is any issue in domain registration, client should get back to ViberHosting within 3 working days. The client should update the support team by writing Email to support@viberhosting.com to rectify the problem.

ViberHosting accepts no liability for the loss of any domain that has failed to register due to an invalid/insufficient information provided to us, late payments received or technical faults which are beyond our control.

4): Domain Renewal:

1. All promotional domains, regardless of TLD (Top-Level Domain), will have renewal fees distinct from the registration fees. The renewal fees are subject to change based on the policies set forth by the respective domain registries.

2. ViberHosting acknowledges that some registries may not provide explicit information regarding renewal fees for promotional domains. In such cases, ViberHosting reserves the right to determine the renewal fees based on the promotional price initially offered.

3. Customers are encouraged to contact ViberHosting for specific details regarding the renewal fees of promotional domains, as they may vary and are subject to the terms established by the relevant domain registries.

5): Domain Transfer:

1. Customers with unpaid invoices are not eligible to initiate domain transfers. It is mandatory to settle all outstanding invoices before attempting to transfer a domain.

2. In accordance with ICANN rules, domain transfers can only be initiated after 60 days from the date of registration. Customers must comply with this waiting period before submitting a transfer request.

3. Additionally, customers are advised to initiate domain transfers well in advance of the domain expiry date. Transfers must be completed before 60 days from the domain's expiration to ensure a smooth and timely process.

3. ViberHosting reserves the right to reject any domain transfer requests that do not adhere to the specified timeframes or fail to meet the requirements outlined in these terms and conditions.

6): Reactivation Fee

In case your hosting is suspended due to any kind of malware or phishing or prohibited content then a reactivation fee of Rs. 300 PKR. There will be no rebate on this so do not request for rebate.

7): Wrong Details

If the customer has given wrong details like email and number then we will close his account and will not open it till he enters the correct details

8): Software/WebPanel/API

We don’t allow freenom domains on our hosting. If you still place an order with the freenom domain and use it for spamming purposes. Your account will be suspended immediately and no refunds will be done..

9): Adult Content Policy:

We do not allow adult content such as pornography or nudity. Zero Tolerance Spam Policy.

1. We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. “Safe lists” and “double opt-in” will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice. No refunds will be given.

2. Mailing Policy and Limits: Sending Bulk mails are not allowed on our server, Per cPanel account can send Upto 500 Mails Daily. If any accounts seems to be spamming it will be suspended with or without any notice.

10): WHMCS:

With All Reseller Plans We Give You Free (Original) WHMCS (Not Verified, Only Install)

11): Affiliates Program:

1. Account with Referrals involving fraud, abuse, or any misconduct will not be paid.

2. Account must be active at least 60 days for paid.

3. Referral which request refund for any reason will not be paid.

4. Currently Affiliate Commision only available with ViberHosting All Hosting Plans.

5. No bulk e-mail traffic, no fraud redirects, or other malicious advertising like coupon, discount code will not accepted.

6. Affiliate accounts which are in violation of any rule or are abusing the affiliate program in any way, will be terminated with no prior notice.

7. We reserve the right to cancel or modify this affiliate program at any time and for any reason.

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